Matthew Waybright

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Waybright is an accomplished Sales Management specialist who has a stellar history with Dee Tech Consulting. With more than 10 years of expertise in the field, he has regularly led top-performing sales teams and provided clients in a variety of industries with outstanding outcomes. .

Mr. Waybright's educational background—he has a Master of Science in Applied Psychology—complements his experience. His ability to combine business acumen with psychological insights allows him to truly grasp customer needs and customize solutions that result in significant benefits. .

In addition to his accomplishments in his career, Mr. Waybright has a strong sense of community commitment. He served on his church council for three years, giving of his time and talents, and during that time, his leadership was acknowledged when he was chosen to serve as Vice President and later as President..

Mr. Waybright motivates teams to achieve and surpass goals with his inspiring leadership style and dynamic ability to establish relationships. He ensures that every client engagement is significant and driven by value by cultivating a culture of cooperation, creativity, and customer-centricity.

Mr. Waybright enjoys traveling to new places and spending time with his family when he's not working. His commitment to community involvement and personal development continues to influence his all-encompassing outlook on life and work.